February 1st, 2007


You can bend, but you can't break

So, I've started reading Death Note.

Out of order.

It's kinda annoying, but I've run out of reading materal, and it's going to be forever before I get to the top of the wait list for Book 1.

L amuses me far more than he should, I suspect.
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    Soldier's Daughter // Tonic

*le sigh*

Why do I always seem to end up babysitting the drunks? Do my co-workers think I have nothing better to do than listen to someone babble drunkenly and wonder where they left their things?

*bangs her head against the desk*

Tomorrow, the job hunt beings in ernest. For the next two weeks, I'm actually going to have TIME to look during the day.

When I'm not catching up on my sleep.