June 14th, 2007


I hear a voice inside; it's grown into a scream

My deep, burning hatred for my job grows by the day.

For those of you not already aware, I work at a network of homeless shelters in Seattle. Last night, my relief didn't show up, so I was stuck working St. Marks all night and this morning.

There was a new woman there, a prissy white bitch who seemed to think that even though there are 30 women there and only two sinks (and only 40 minutes from wake up to the time where everyone has to be out), she can take 15 fucking minutes to do her hair and makeup. I made her leave, and then she called me a fat bitch. So I barred her.

And guess who's waiting for me at the bus stop when I leave? Prissy white bitch, who seems to think it's alright to start calling me names. And THEN she has the nerve to try and grab me.

So should she be surprised that I hit her? Or that I took a bite out of her when she tried to headbutt me?

And then, THEN this bitch has the nerves to call the cops.

But the cops were nice. They took me out and bought me breakfast at Dennys.
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