August 18th, 2007


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I was kidnapped again by Chelsea yesterday.

As I may have mentioned before, going somewhere with Chelsea usually ends up with me in some kind of pain and feeling rather frustrated about something. It’s not that I don’t love hanging out with her: I do. Otherwise I wouldn’t put up with some of the stupid shit she’s put me through. But she’s a 23 year old MtF who acts like a 12 year old girl most of the time, and I find it more than a little frustrating (something, I assure you, I have expressed to Chelsea).

Yesterday, Chelsea decided she wanted Hello Kitty hair ribbons. More accurately, she wanted Hello Kitty Hair Ribbons that she could make herself, so she needed to find a fabric store.

I have to wonder what on earth made her think I was the person to take along on such a trip.

We spend four hours wandering around Lynnwood looking for a fabric store, because Chelsea didn’t know where any where, and neither did I. Something I explained to Chelsea before the expedition got underway.

“Don’t worry, we’ll find one no problem.”


Why did I listen?

We never did find what she was after, and I learned that Chelsea is the kind of person who, in a RPG, will make a character that doesn’t fit with anything else in the troop just to be unique.