September 11th, 2007


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September 11, 2001. Where were you?

It's one of those dates that the next generation is going to ask us about, much like I did to my parents and grandparents about assassinations (and attempts), so-called 'police actions', Woodstock, and World War II.


I was sitting in a classroom, reading a book, while most of my peers were taking standardized tests that I had passed the year before. The teacher supervising those of us that didn't have to take the tests had put on some documentry about the 1920s.

Then another teacher came in, and they switched the TV to a news station. I didn't know it was the news at the time. I thought it was some stupid action movie.

The first tower was already burning, and I remember watching the second plane crash.

I don't actually remember much else about the day, until I got home. I turned on the TV, and there it was over and over and over again. I got on-line to try and get in touch with everyone I knew who might be in New York at the time.

I never expected to have an event like this happen in my lifetime.

Sometimes I try to remember when it became okay to laugh again. When I turned on the TV, and DIDN'T have to see the Towers falling.
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