October 19th, 2007


You make me feel like I can fly

The weather is cold and cloudy and windy.
The bus transfers are Pink-J.
I'm now reading The Man with the Golden Torc by Simon R. Green. It's pretty good.
I've changed my icons. It is now Teddy Altman week.
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    Elevation // U2

You've got a reason to live.

I don't feel like typing today. I know I should. I've got a ton of ficcage that I need to type up (and send off to my long suffering beta reader, in several cases), but I just can't bring myself to do more than stare at the computer screen.

We actually had something like an actual thunderstorm today. I saw lightning. I heard thunder. It's been years since there's been one around here (the geography around Seattle allows for a lot of drizzly weather, but honest-to-god storms rarely get past the mountains that are on all sides. Yes, that includes coming from the Pacific, cause Seattle is on the inside of the Pugit Sound).

I knew I left my disk here at the Lynnwood library yesterday, but I hadn't realized I'd left the Garbage CD from the Seattle Library here too. Thank all the gods, it was still here when I got the computer.

Right now I've got Good Charlotte's Good Morning Revivel on, but I'm only really listening to Dance Floor Anthem and All Black.

From now on, whenever I hear about Brittany Spears, I'm going to remember the lyrics to Garbage's Shut Your Mouth.
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    Dance Floor Anthem // Good Charlotte