October 22nd, 2007


No sympathy

The weather is clear (at least, for the moment) and cold.
The bus transfers are Blue-T.
I'm re-reading Fruits Basket.
Teenagers piss me off to no end.

By law, at work, we are supposed to report it to the police when someone under the age of 18 uses our services. I would get into seriously deep shit if I didn't. We are shelters for adult single women.

Last night, we get this kid. Can't be more than 15. She comes in all fucked up, I can smell the pot she's been smoking. And yes, the cops are informed. They show up with the girl's parents, who are about as Upper Class Yuppie as it gets. We're talking the Guilty Rich White People who donate stuff in the Seasons of Greed and Guilt.

Maybe there's shit going on in the family that I'm not seeing. I only got to meet these people for about 10 minutes. But to me, it looks like the kid just wants her parents to pay attention to her.

And this kid decides to get in my face because her parents were called.

I feel absolutely no sympathy.
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