January 18th, 2008


Urge to kill... rising.

The weather is cold and cloudy.
The bus transfers are Orange-T.
Anime Club this afternoon. Huzzah!
It's Billy Kaplan Week.
I'm fighting the urge to kill one of the clients. This is a woman who got out, supposedly going to live with her ex-husband and their six kids (I don't actually believe these children exist, just for the record). This is a woman who claims to be an ordained minister, and yet when I ask for proof, she refuses to provide it, and when I called the people she supposedly works for, they've never heard of her.

This woman has one of the most irritating voices I've ever heard, and she talkes ALL THE FUCKING TIME. She talks about how she hasn't seen her kids in such and such long, about how much she loves God, about how horrible everyone is to her (she IS universally reviled amongst both staff and the other clients).

She complains endlessly about the food because, according to her, her diabetes means she can't eat anything with carbs. Meanwhile, every other diabetic in the system eats what we provide with minimal complaints.

It's probably wrong of me, but I'm looking for an excuse to expel her from the shelter. I can't think of anyone who likes her, and she's making most of the other clients unhappy with her return... but she hasn't actually done anything she can be tossed out for yet.

Maybe I'll get lucky and something will happen before I'm forced to smother her in the night.