April 18th, 2008



It's snowing again. It's April, and it's fucking snowing again. What the hell is wrong with the weather?

Also, the only pair of pants I have without holes in them are my summery weight clamdiggers. Last night I sewed up every hole I could find. Just two minutes ago, I sat down in the jeans I'm currently wearing, and one of the holes split back open, and I'm pretty sure it's larger than it was before.

This afternoon, I'm buying a new sewing kit, since I ran out of thread, and I'm going to cut up the pair of jeans with the blood stain on the front from the last time I had to break up a fight, and I'm going to use that to patch all the worn spots and holes.

If I'm more irritable than usual for the next couple of weeks, it's because I'm not eating lunch. I'm going to be saving my pennies to buy a new pair of jeans. I don't actully own a pair that I haven't had for at LEAST 6 months.