April 25th, 2008


There is a plan

I'm going to Anime Club this afternoon, and Chelsea's coming with me. Even if I have to go up to her place, badger her until she finishes getting ready (which takes FOREVER), drag her to the bus stop, and threaten her PSP until we get there.

She agreed to the plan to go with me a month ago, she assured me last night that she would be there, and by all the Gods, she's not going to stand me up this time.

Hopefully, though, she'll just meet me at the Downtown library as planned, and we'll go up to Lynnwood from there.

(no subject)

Chelsea actually showed up on time. Now we're both killing the last couple of hours until Anime Club actually starts at the Lynnwood Library. I have Mountain Dew and Jalapeno potato chips.

Life is good.

A thought

This hasn't been done here for a long time, but I figured, "What the hell. I'm bored."

So, anyone else feel up to a Fic for Art (or Fic for Fic) exchange?