August 14th, 2008


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I am so incredibly sick of the Greenpeace kids. They're on every street corner, acting WORSE than the panhandlers. This morning, one of them tried to get me to give them money while I was leaving work.

Right now, there is a SERIOUS shelter crisis going on. They're sending 60+ women away each night without so much as a ticked to ride the busses. At least two of them have ended up raped and so badly beaten that they ended up in the hospital. Plus, they're closing Elizabeth Gregory House, so there are going to be even more women with no place to sleep soon. We're trying to raise funds to keep it open, but so far we've got bupkiss.

I told all this to the Greenpeace Drone, and asked her to impress me with why I should give Greenpeace my money.

She said, "The polar bears are going extinct."


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