September 2nd, 2008


Just one fucking thing after another

So this morning, right before I leave work, someone decided to try to play silly buggers with my new CD player (not the DVD player, just my thing for music. My $35 dollar thing for music). The end result is, after a merry chase around Angeline's, a CD player that is now just a big, expensive radio, as it will now no longer play CDs.

When I get to the Shoreline library to get some internet time, the computers are working slower than a dead snail, and refuse to spit out the DVD to watch I put in until the computer had completely shut down and started up again. This meant that I was late for my bus down to Lynnwood, making me miss the computer time I had reserved. I'm now out 10 minutes of time here and running over an hour late. I'm unlikely to get my hour and a half from the downtown Seattle Library.

On my way to the bus stop, my brand new, as in just got it YESTERDAY jacket got caught on a piece of torn up rail that had been by the bus stop for the past month and a half, when a bus went off the road and tore it up. There is now a great big hole in said jacket, including a big chunk of one of the pockets.

And to top it all off, it's THAT time on the month once again, when my overies attempt to punch their way out through my stomach. I have no money for lunch once again because I needed a new jacket (it's fucking cold here), and I really want to find somewhere to curl up and ingore the world for the next... month or so.

TVtrope of the Day:
The Hardy Boys

Edit: New poll up on dorksidefiker

Edit 2: Everything continues to go wrong. Now I'm stuck at a computer where I have to bend over in half in order to see the screen, and can't type unless the shelf the keyboard is on is jammed into my gut, or I'm too far from the screen to fucking see.