September 23rd, 2008


So what? I'm still a rock star

So, while the rest of you were watching the first episode of Season 3 of Heroes, I was finishing up watching Season 2 and listening to the commentary.

I have to admit, I'm very disappointed. I didn't like any of the new characters except Elle (which likely says something disturbing about me). Though the Mohinder/Matt thing pleases me.

New poll and challenge tables up on dorksidefiker, with new fic to follow.

I've been reading the few Wild Cards books that my libraries have. This is one of the rare times that I find myself disappointed. Between the three systems I go to, they only have the first one, Duces Down, and the new one, Inside Straight.

TVTrope of the Day:
Wild Cards
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And guess what? I'm having more fun

Stupid goddamn bus driver forgot that he was driving the 511 rather than the 510, and so blew RIGHT BY the stop and we were halfway to fucking Everett before he got his head out of his ass and turned around. Naturally, by this time I was late, and someone else got the computer I reserved, since the library only holds them for 5 minutes.

I'm out 10 minutes of what little time I get, and I'm feeling generally pissy. Part of that might be because I'm broke and hungry. Such is life.
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    So What? // Pink