September 28th, 2008


Finding beauty in the negative spaces

Last night, someone stuffed all the toilets at work with those paper seat covers that don't actually do anything. Because of this, all the toilets are backed up, and none of the sinks are working either. There's about an inch of dirty water on the floor in some places.

Normally, on Sundays, Hammond House is open for WHEEL, a women's group that serves lunch to about 30 homeless women. I had to go to their office and tell them they couldn't come in today. My boss has called a plumber in to try and fix the problem. Hopefully, everything will be fixed by the time Hammond opens.

WHEEL's offices are in an old hotel downtown that has this church on the bottom floor. While I was waiting for a chance to talk to the co-ordinator, I got to hear the male choir warming up.

It was absolutely beautiful. I love Latin chants.

In other news, my dragons are all hatched. Aren't they cute?

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

TVTrope of the Day:
Garbage Wrestler