October 7th, 2008



Chelsea and I were supposed to go see a movie today, but she's not answering her phone or her e-mail. So I guess the plan is off.

My dragons seem to be growing nicely, and will probably be adults by some time tomorrow if I understand things correctly. It seems my sea dragon's a boy. I plan to breed him to one of my two females at the first oppertunity to see what I get.

I'm starting to suspect that when you cross-breed dragon types, the eggs that are like the mother's will be female and the ones like the father will be male. Of course, I don't have much data to work from yet, but from what I've seen poking around other scrolls... My sea dragon has proved me wrong. I got the sex of his parents mixed up.

/dragon ramblings

Klara from Runaways is starting to really grow on me. Also? luminum = Made of Awesome

TVTrope of the Day:
Tongue Tied

Well that's just kinda dumb

fanfic50 has a brand new rule (as in just started today) about not allowing to post just a link to the story on the group.

Now, maybe it's just me, but that seems kinda dumb. I like it far better when the comments go straight to my journal instead of to a group. It makes it easier for me to find the comment and reply to it, when I get to it. If said comment isn't right in front of me when I'm doing replies, I'm NEVER going to reply.

Gaah, lame.