October 16th, 2008


This post is gonna be fairly boring to anyone not interested in Dragon Cave or Young Avengers

I am slowly working my way towards having a metric fuckton of dragons. This is not as easy as one might think, since my girls are starting to seriously outnumber the boys they can breed with (my two Split dragons being out of the running, since they won't breed with anything but another split). Two of my attempts at breeding have produced no results (Stormer and Scarlin want nothing to do with each other, and Sinana and Ebony just weren't interested). Hopefully I'll get more boys with this batch, and I'll be making another attempt for a female split next time I snag eggs.

Adopt one today!--Adopt one today!--Adopt one today!--Adopt one today!--Adopt one today!

Anyway, last night I had an idea for another series of Young Avengers fic. After a second super-hero civil war, Billy and Teddy left Earth and eventually took over the Skrull Empire. During a third such war, they return to take over Earth. Does that actually sound interesting to anyone?

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