The Mad Fan Girl (fullmetal_cute) wrote,
The Mad Fan Girl

Just a little rant about money (and my lack of it)

I've been living in Washington State for over five years now. I know this because my ID is coming up for renewal this month and my bank account is overdrawn. *headdesks repeatedly* I don't think I have enough different things to prove that I'm me to be able to get a new one if I don't get enough to update my ID before the 27th (why the fuck does my birthday have to fall on Thanksgiving THIS fucking year?). I shall be reminding my few RL friends that my birthday is fast approaching, and I would be incredibly grateful for a slightly early cash gift.

There are times when I really hate my job. But I suspect I'd hate most anything else almost as much. It seems like I work in the one remaining growth industry.

My shrink wants to put me on meds. I'm going to be looking for a new one now.

Adopt one today!--Adopt one today!--Adopt one today!--Adopt one today!--Adopt one today!--Adopt one today!--Adopt one today!

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