The Mad Fan Girl (fullmetal_cute) wrote,
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On the off chance

Okay, having some City of Heroes problems.

Okay, until yesterday, I was able to get City of Heroes to load, but when I would play, I would be mapserved constantly, and rubberbanding just as often. Finally, I was offered this advice:

1. Please download Driver Sweeper at:

2. Click on "Download Now" then select a location that you would like to download it from.

3. Scroll down on the next page; click on "I Agree" and a file download window will come up.

4. Click on save, then in the “Save As” dialog window choose Desktop as the “Save In:” location.

5. Once the download is complete, run the program or double-click on the file you downloaded to your desktop to install Driver Sweeper.

6. Choose all of the default installation options.

7. Once installation is complete, start Driver Sweeper either from the desktop icon or through the Programs Menu.

8. Within the Driver Sweeper program, check the check box next to the ATI Display driver from the list, also check any other display drivers you may have installed in the past on this machine. (Note: Please do not check any lines that say chipset)

9. Click the “Clean” button.

10. Once done, please reboot your PC if not prompted to.

11. When the reboot is complete, please download and install this driver

I followed the directions, and now when I try to load the game, I get this: Your card or driver doesn't support ARB_multitexture, then the game stops loading at all. I already told the support guys about it, but I was wondering if any of you lovely people had any advice for this completely not tech-savvy player who just wants to get back to breaking Skulls?

Also, for giggles:

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